Mom Throws Gender Reveal Party For 20-Year-Old Son

When Heather Lundberg Green’s teen told her that he was transgender and wanted to transition from female to male, she wasn’t sure how to support him. The mom says she wanted her kid, Adrian Brown , to know she was there for him during his journey, but she just didn’t know what to do or how to respond, even though she says she has a lot of friends in the LGBTQ community.

What Green did know is that she wanted her son to know that she still loves him and is there for him. And she came up with the idea to throw a gender reveal party for him - for his 20th birthday. She even got her 20-year-old son swaddled into a blanket with “It’s a boy!” written on it for a photo shoot.

Green says her kids are used to her “harebrained schemes” so Adrian wasn’t surprised by her gender reveal suggestion. She says, “He was like, ‘You’re crazy, but yes,’ of course, which was a fair reaction.” The supportive mom shared photos of the birthday bash on her Facebook page , where it’s gotten over 32-thousand likes. She says her online community has been really supportive of Adrian’s transition and his story and photos of the party have helped a trans boy they know come out to his parents.

“He had been considering suicide before coming out to them and because of our message he had the courage to tell them and found out that his parents were going to support him,” Adrian explains. “He wouldn’t have had the courage had we not taken these photos.”

Source: New York Post

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