Most People Won't Date Someone Who Doesn’t Like Their Dog

When it comes to a potential mate, there’s no doubt a lot of family members will give you their opinions on your boo, but according to a new survey, there seems to be only one opinion that matters – their pet’s. 

According to a poll by WAG!, 63% of people say their pet plays a role in how a relationship plays out. In fact, half of respondents wouldn’t even think of being with someone who their dog didn’t like, with 57% of people saying they can’t fall in love with someone unless their dog loves them too. Meanwhile, 45% of dog owners say they have dated someone who didn’t get along with their dog, although 23% of those folks say they would never make that mistake ever again.

So what are some of the biggest red flags signaling your potential partner and pooch won’t mix? Well, if your date is jealous about how much attention you give your pooch, that’s a major no-no (50%), as is being too rough with your dog (50%). Other red flags include: 

  • Not showing any interest in my dog (45%)
  • Ignoring my dog (43%)
  • Putting my dog in a separate room when we are hanging out (43%)
  • Getting angry when I can’t go somewhere because I have to care for my dog (42%)
  • Never petting my dog (41%)
  • Teasing my dog (40%)
  • Not showing any interest in my dog’s health (38%)
  • Saying my dog smells (37%)

But if that potential mate gets along with someone’s pooch, that’s a whole other story for a relationship. It turns out 53% of dog owners say they're more physically attracted to someone who gets along with their pooch, while 38% say they fall in love faster when that person has a good relationship with their dog.

Source: SWNS Digital

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