Most People Don't Expect Partners To Spend Any Money On Valentine's Day

If you still haven’t gotten your sweetie something for Valentine’s Day, you probably shouldn’t worry about spending a boatload of money. A new poll finds that most folks don’t expect their partners to break the bank on the romantic holiday. In fact, the Valentine’s Day survey by finds that only 2% of people are expecting their boo to spend more than $100 tomorrow, while 45% actually expect them to spend nothing at all and 47% expect them to shell out only $50.Overall, 48% of people say Valentine’s Day is “somewhat important,” but they only spend about $50, while 22% say it is important and spend between $150 and $400 on their S.O. and 12% say it isn’t important and don’t spend any money. Oh, and then there are the single folks, with 11% of singletons saying they absolutely don’t care about Valentine’s Day, and another 7% of singles who say they spend whatever they want on themselves.One thing folks definitely don’t want their partner to do is to spend money on Valentine’s Day that they don’t have. About 90% of those surveyed say if their partner was having financial trouble they wouldn’t expect anything from them tomorrow, although 8% said they wouldn’t expect a gift, but their partner's finances would make them worry about their relationship.ONE MORE THING!When it comes to who should be spending the most money on Valentine’s Day, the poll finds most people think folks who are married should shell out the most dough (45%), followed by those who are boyfriend/girlfriend (37%), and then engaged couples (13%).

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