Woman Gets Purse Back - 64 Years After She Lost It

In 1955, an Indiana high school senior walked into science class and set down her purse. When the class ended, she couldn't find it -- even after she performed an extensive search of the room. She eventually gave up and went home.

Fast-forward 64 years: Workers demolishing the now-antiquated Jeffersonville High School in January were taking apart cabinets in the science room when they came across a black stitched purse. It contained lipstick, photos, Juicy Fruit gum wrappers and a prom invitation -- dated 1955. However, the purse didn't include its owner's identification.

After the Greater Clark County School District posted a photo of the discovery on Facebook, a woman remembered hearing her 82-year-old relative, Martha Everett, had lost a purse. One thing led to another, and now the purse is on its way back to Everett, who now lives in Florida.


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