Parents Are Overwhelmed With Keepsakes From Their Children

Babies grow up way too fast for parents, which is why many will hold on to keepsakes to remind them of their kids' younger years, and it seems parents houses are filled to the rim with them. A new survey finds the average parent has accumulated 1,293 keepsakes of their children, with the average household having about five boxes of keepsakes. 

Photos are some of the most popular keepsakes with the average family having 950 photos of their kids and displaying about 21. And for some that’s not even enough, with 60% saying they wish they had more keepsakes on display. What’s more, 53% regret not having more keepsakes of certain moments in their kids’ lives.

Of those reminders of childhood, many of them represent “firsts” for a kid, with more than 60% keeping things like hair from their kids’ first haircut, their first handprint or footprint, baby teeth and ultrasound images.

  • As for what they plan to do with all the stuff they’ve been saving, 51% plan to make a scrapbook, while 44% will use the photos for a photo album, while 71% say they are collecting them to show their kids later in life.At which point they’ll just whine about wanting to play their video game.

Source:SWNS Digital

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