How To Tell Diet Coke From Regular Coke Without Tasting It

If you’re a fiend for Coca-Cola, you’ve surely had the experience of ordering one at a restaurant only to be served a Diet Coke by mistake. Taking a sip from that soda when you’re expecting your preferred full-sugar one is not a pleasant experience and Diet Coke drinkers must feel the same when they’re duped with a regular Coke.

But a staffer at Delish claims to have figured out the way to tell fountain Diet Coke from classic without taking a sip.Lindsey Ramsey says that her six years as a server and many more years of personal experience have taught her that classic Coke is lighter in color than Diet Coke. She says it only works with fountain sodas, not bottled ones, so try it when you’re out and see if you agree.


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