Front License Plates Might Be Required In New Mexico

From KRQE:

An Albuquerque City Councilor says he's sick of the crime problem and he thinks he's found the solution: requiring drivers to have a front license plate.

Now, he's urging lawmakers in Santa Fe to change the law in order to help police tackle crime across the state.

"Lately we've gotten quite a crime problem, and we're trying to find any way possible to handle that," says Councilor Brad Winter.

Winter says House Bill 231 gave him an idea on how to bring down the crime in a cost-effective way.

"When I read the bill I thought, 'Wow, this is an easy way to identify suspects of crime," he says.

Rep. Patricio Ruiloba (D) and Rep. Bill Rehm (R), both retired officers, want all New Mexico vehicles to have a front and back license plate. If it passes, drivers would get an additional plate, registration sticker, and pay an extra $2.

Ruiloba first introduced the measure last year.

Albuquerque Police say only having a rear plate has been a disadvantage to officers.

"Over the years, crooks have been known, literally they know they're being watched on camera. They will actually try to avoid the camera system and drive backwards so you can't see their license plate," says Officer Simon Drobik.

That's why the Albuquerque Police Department supports the legislation, and hopes it will pass this time around.

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