Mom's Experiment Of Taping Cash To Trash Goes Viral

A mom who has struggled with her kids not picking up random trash around the house tried an experiment to see exactly how bad the situation was.Miranda Crimbring decided to tape a five dollar bill to scrap of paper and waited. And waited. And waited.

No one of her kids, she has three, picked it up. It sat in front of the toilet for 48 hours before she gave up. Free money that the kids could’ve had if they just picked up the trash was squandered.

Miranda posted photos and the story and it’s now gone viral. The post has been shared over 300-thousand times. When the post received attention, her husband gave his excuse for stepping over the trash this way, “But, you know, Honey, I left it there on purpose, because I knew you were trying to prove a point to the kids.”Uhh huhh….


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