Science Says Women Get Bored In Bed Faster Than Men

Doing something over and over again tends to get boring after a while and according to research, this is true when it comes to sex, especially for women. Despite all those distracted boyfriend memes you’ve seen, a number of recent studies suggest women become less interested in sex with their long-term partner sooner than men do and they report being less satisfied in bed.

Some of the recent studies on the subject include anEnglish studythat shows women have less interest in sex when they’ve been with their partner for over a year and that women who live with their partner tend to feel less sexual desire than women who aren’t shacking up. There was another study that that tells us that the longer a relationship lasts, the more a woman’s sexual desire decreases, but the same wasn’t true for men.

According to sexologist François Renaud, this research confirms what he’s seen in his patients for years. "Women have a tendency to get bored faster than men in a monogamous relationship," he explains. "They want a form of sexual variety, while men are often content with very little. It is often women who will lose their desire first, and sometimes even quickly enough."

Renaud believes this happens because of how society views and understands female sexuality. He says women are thought of as wanting less sex, but in reality, women’s sexuality is repressed and they’re “taught to quash their sexuality.” He warns that frequent sex isn’t proof of satisfaction, so just doing it isn’t a guarantee it’s good. So to keep everyone happy, this sexologist advises bringing as much variety as possible to the relationship. He compares a couple’s sex life to a water park: “If you always do the same slides, you end up bored.”


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