This Couple Made $30K Last Year Reselling Trader Joe’s Products

Fans of Trader Joe’s love shopping there for the store’s unique products and food items you can’t get anywhere else. But one Los Angeles couple is turning their TJ’s runs into a profitable side hustleby reselling Trader Joe’s products on Amazon.

JustonandKristen Herbertsay they made about $30-grand last year from selling TJ’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning online. On theirFlipping ProfitsYouTube channel, they explain in one of their videos how they would go to different Trader Joe’s stores in their area and buy a couple cases of the seasoning from each, so they weren’t clearing it all from store shelves. Then they would sell the seasoning - which goes for $1.99 at TJ’s - on Amazon for $6.75, earning them a profit of 80-cents after shipping. That’s not much, but sell 100 a day? It’s close to $30k.

The practice of buying a product at a low price and reselling it online at a markup isn’t new, it’s called retail arbitrage. And yes, it’s totally legal (according to something called thefirst sale doctrine copyright law). But that doesn’t mean that Trader Joe’s supports the practice.

“Our products work the best when they’re sold as part of the overall customer experience within our stores,” Trader Joe’s tells The Kitchn. “We do not authorize the reselling of our products and cannot stand behind the quality, safety or value of any Trader Joe’s product sold outside of our store.”

Source:The Kitchn

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