Guy Eats Expired Food For A Year To Prove A Point

If you’re one of those people who tosses food just because it’s past its “sell-by” date, you’re not alone. We recently told youabout a study from Johns Hopkins University that found that many consumers are throwing away perfectly good food based only on that date on the package.

But now, one dad from Maryland set out to show that sell-by dates on food packages are mostly a sham by eating food that was technically expired … and he did it for an entire year!

Scott Nash spent a year chowing down on food that was past its label date, including year-old tortillas, meat that was weeks past the sell-by date, and even romaine lettuce that had been recalled because of E.coli. But don’t worry, he’s lived to tell the tale. So when should we pitch food, if we shouldn’t trash it based on the sell-by date? If it has a “use by” date, throw it out after that to stay safe.


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