Most Parents Try To Recreate Vacations From Their Childhood

A lot of folks have fond memories of going on vacation with their family as a kid, and it seems a lot of moms and dads are trying to recreate those memories with their own kids.

A new survey finds that 70% of parents say they’ve tried to recreate vacations from their childhood for their own children, with 59% taking their kids to a place they traveled to as a child, 51% doing the same activities and 46% going to restaurants from their younger days.

But that’s not the only way parents try to recreate their past vacations. The poll finds 45% will go so far as to recreate photos with their children, while 41 % will stay in the same hotels as when they were a kid, while others will do quirky activities like setting up treasure hunts or going on adventures.

  • Creating such family memories may be the reason why 51% of people say they have a traditional family destination they go to every year, while 39% will do a traditional yearly activity. Top destinations for these yearly trips include the beach (67%), amusement parks (57%) and national parks (55%).
  • Part of this nostalgia is fueling some families to take multigenerational trips, which are reportedly on the rise. In fact, 68% of people say it’s easier to be nostalgic on a trip when their own parents are with them, and another 68% say they actually enjoy their vacation more when their parents join them.

Source:SWNS Digital

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