Social Media & Work Distracting Folks While On Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax, unwind and leave your worries about work behind...but it turns out that’s just not happening. In fact, a new poll finds many of us just can’t seem to unplug while we’re away, leaving us distracted by work and other things. 

The poll by Alamo Rent A Car finds that while “spending quality time together” is the biggest benefit of traveling with your family, all too often folks have other things on their mind when they are away. For example, 61% of workers say they feel pressure to work while on vacation, and that pressure is coming from them. But the truth is most folks don’t really want to be working on vacation, with 54% saying they wish they could completely unplug from the office.

Of course, work isn’t the only thing keeping us from completely relaxing and unplugging on our trips. Social media has become a big obstacle as well. Believe it or not, 21% of social media users say they actually log inmorewhile on vacation, with 58% doing so to keep friends updated, and 55% doing it to record their memories. Of course there is also a more nefarious reason, with 34% saying they post their photos in order to “show off” the places they went and the things they did.

  • Social media use on vacation can get so bad that 27% of families say they feel pressure to post photos of their family vacation on social media to prove they are having a good time. What's more, 33% of people say they’ve seen social media spoil a trip, mainly because folks spend too much time on the phone (42%). Other reasons include: it causes arguments and hurt feelings (24%), it let would-be robbers know you’re not home (5%), and it caught a cheating spouse (2%).
  • But not everyone is on their phone all day on vacation. The poll finds 37% of folks say they’ve actually committed to unplugging from computers and mobile devices while on a trip, with 92% of those people successful at it. And there really is good reason to say goodbye to your devices while on a trip. Among the benefits, 41% say they enjoyed their trip more, while 40% had better conversations, 38% felt more relaxed and 36% felt closer to family. 


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