Disney Announces Opening Dates For Star Wars Galaxy Edge

You can look forward to enjoying Disney’s newest theme park earlier than expected – this summer! It’s been announced that “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” will open in Disneyland on May 31st and Walt Disney World on August 29th.

The thing is, the attractions won’t all be ready right away – they’ve been separated into “phases.” During Phase one, you can enjoy the “Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run” ride and most of the park’s shops and restaurants. Disney says that Phase Two, when you can ride “Rise Of The Resistance,” won’t be ready until “later this year.”

Disney knows a lot of you “Star Wars” fans are super excited, so to prevent overcrowding they’ve laid out some ground rules. Those who want to come see the park from opening day until June 23rd will have to make a reservation(but don’t worry, there’s no extra charge).But if you stay at one of Disney’s hotels, each guest gets a complimentary reservation.

Source:Entertainment Weekly

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