Americans Spend 36 Years In Bed Over The Course Of Their Lifetime

While there may be plenty of people who still don’t get the doctor recommended amount of sleep each night, the truth is we all really do spend a lot of our lifetimes in bed. In fact, a new survey just calculated how many hours folks spend in bed throughout their lifetime and the number is pretty astonishing. 

According to a poll by OneCloud, when you calculate the amount of hours folks sleep a night, around seven, along with the average amount they watch TV in bed, about four hours every day, Americans spend about 11 hours a day in bed, which translates to about 36 years over the course of a lifetime.

And considering how much we are all in our beds, it’s important to have a good one, but it seems a lot of folks aren't happy with theirs. The poll finds only 53% of Americans say they really like their bed, with 75% saying their bed could actually be more comfortable. What’s more, only 50% of folks say their bed has a positive effect on their sleep, with 40% saying they’ve actually left and slept somewhere else because they couldn’t get a good night’s sleep in their bed.

So, why would people put up with uncomfortable beds? Well, apparently appearance is mostly to blame, with 35% of people saying style is more important than comfort to them when choosing a bed.

Source:SWNS Digital

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