No Gift Kids Birthday Parties Are Becoming A Trend

The minimalist traits of Millennials have created the presentless birthday.

Many parents are opting to keep their children’s toy collection at a reasonable amount since they aren’t played with much and other holidays more than make up for the lack of goodies on their birthday.

What’s replacing the gifts? Money, charitable donations, or simply nothing. The parents hopping on this trend say it helps their children be grateful for what they have.

One parent said her invitation requested a donation to one of two charities instead of a gift, but only one quarter did that; the rest brought gifts. Another mom said she got serious backlash on announcing her daughter’s giftless birthday party.

Before point to the older generations as opposing the trend, many younger parents also don’t like it.

This debate will be around for a while. To gift or not to gift? That is the question!

Source:New York Post

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