Surveillance Video Shows Woman Encouraging Boy To Steal Package


From KOB-TV:

A video that's been viewed thousands of times online appears to show a woman encouraging a child to steal a package from a doorstep.

The video was captured on Daniel Perez home security camera in northwest Albuquerque.

"The boy spots a package, she'll stop in front and take a look around to see if anyone is watching," Perez said, describing the video.

The boy is eventually seen running off with the package.

Perez said the package contained a gift for his fiance.

Perez located the boy and the woman. He said they live in the neighborhood.

Perez said he will file a police report and let the police do their job, but he hopes the boy could be around some better influences. 

"Kids used to be able to go outside and ride bikes but now it seems like they are stuck inside because of the drug problem," he said. 

Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Simon Drobik said an adult can face a felony charge for making a child commit a crime.

"What's sad is this kid is growing up around crime," Drobik said. "Obviously when we figure out who these parents are, they will have a visit from CYFD, they'll be a criminal investigator assigned to the case and brought for prosecution."

Source: KOB-TV

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