Woman Documents An Hour Long Parking Standoff In Los Angeles

A woman in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles hit internet gold when she recorded an hourlong standoff over a parking spot.

Twitter user @Mrhflrs showed Twitterdom what petty is when she documented two cars fighting over the same spot for an hour! “Silver car” was blocking “black car” from parallel parking into a coveted spot. We have no idea who got their first… but it looks like a tie.

The woman who filmed it began with “Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles: A Thread.” Apparently during the “park off” the drivers turned on their flasher while blocking traffic and hitting “petty level 6000.” At one point a parking spot opened across the street, but the two cars stayed put. Apparently it was the principle of the thing…

Finally, the vehicle in front of the contested space moved forward and left enough room for both cars. The driver of the silver car waited for a very long time until they finally got out of the vehicle.

chicken tikka mariah@Mrhflrs
 ·Apr 1, 2019
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chicken tikka mariah@Mrhflrs
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