Family's Dog Tests Positive For Drugs After Walk In Albuquerque Park


A routine trip to a local park turned into anything but routine for one Albuquerque family. Their 10-year-old dog started acting strange and later tested positive for drugs.

The family said they've been coming to Bullhead Park for more than a decade, but after what happened to their dog, they said they have no plans to go back. 

Bob Kellogg brings his dog, Cheekah, and two other family pets to Bullhead Park at least twice a week. 

Last Friday, after a walk in the park he noticed something was off with the 10-year-old Pom-chi. 

"Found vomit on the floor, she was moving and twitching and looking up as if she was seeing something and couldn't stay still," Kellogg said. 

Kellogg and his wife took Cheekah to the emergency vet and did not expect what happened next.

"He came back and he said, 'Oh my gosh, she is positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and molly,' and we were shocked," Kellogg said. 

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