Experts Say Your Kid Probably Doesn't Need A Bath Every Night

Hey moms and dads, if your kid hates taking a bath and you’re tired of the nightly battle to get them into the tub, we’ve got some good news. It turns out, your little one probably doesn’t need a bath every single night. In fact, we’re probably over-bathing them! Here’s what real medical professionals advise on how often we should wash our children.

  • Infants- During baby’s first year, theAmerican Academy of Pediatricssays three times a week is probably enough. Washing infants any more than that may dry out their skin. The AAP also says it’s fine to “spot clean” the parts that are dirty and advises paying attention to the mouth area as well as any skin folds.
  • Toddlers- If your kid loves taking a bath every night, it’s fine to bathe them that often at this age, just don’t over-do it with the soap. If tot has dry, sensitive skin, only wash with soap once a week and just let them soak and rinse in plain water the other days.
  • Ages six to 11- According to the pros at theAmerican Academy of Dermatology, kids in this age group need a bath: at least once a week; when they get dirty, like playing in the mud; after being in a pool, lake, ocean or other body of water; when they get sweaty or have body odor, as often as recommended by a dermatologist if they’re being treated for a skin issue. The AAPalso saysthat kids ages six to 11 generally only need to shampoo their hair “once or twice a week until puberty starts.” So basically, use your best judgment.
  • Tweens and teens- When puberty starts, theAmerican Academy of Dermatologyrecommends that showers or baths should become a daily thing, along with washing their faces twice a day.


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