College Gymnast Suffers HORRIFIC Injury!

No one knows what will happen next in life, but Samantha Cerio is a good example to watch when things go wrong.

Last Friday, Samantha, a senior gymnast at Auburn University, was doing a floor routine with a blind landing during a competition. When she was done, both knees were dislocated and her tendons and ligaments were like shredded spaghetti. Everyone assumed she broke both her legs. By most accounts it was the most gruesome sports injury ever seen.

Now Cerio has announced her retirement from gymnastics, but life doesn’t end there for the North Carolina native. She has big plans. The once “heart and soul” of her team, will be using the same gifts that made her a favorite of teammates for a job in Seattle at Boeing.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. If a seriously injured gymnast can, we all can.

Samantha posted an update on social media letting everyone know she’s healing and resting. And she’ll continue to cheer for Auburn all the way.

Source:Washington Post

WARNING: This video is BRUTAL. I mean, legs are going in directions they shouldn't really go. It hurts just to watch it.

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