Study: Taking Vitamins Won't Help You Live Longer

If you’re popping vitamin and mineral supplements hoping it’ll help you stick around longer, you may want to step away from those pricey bottles of pills. According to new research, vitamins and minerals can help you live longer, but only when they come from food and not from supplements.

Anew studyfrom Tufts University finds no link between using dietary supplements and a lower risk of death. It shows that people who got adequate amounts of vitamin K and magnesium had a lower risk of early death and those who got enough vitamin A, vitamin K, and zinc have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. But the key is that the benefits were only there when the nutrients came from food, not supplements.

Not only are the vitamin and mineral supplements not boosting longevity, there are risks involved with taking some of them. The study finds that excess intake of calcium supplements is linked to a higher risk of death from cancer, but there’s no link between cancer risk and calcium intake from food.

Source:USA Today

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