Majority Of Americans Pick Vacations Based On “Insta-Worthiness”

If you don’t post vacation pictures on Instagram did the vacation really happen? Well, apparently the answer is no. 

A new survey by eDreams reveals just how important of a role social media plays in people’s vacations these days. Believe it or not 52% of Americans say they choose their vacation destinations based on a location’s “Insta-worthiness,” which is actually less than Spanish (55%) and Italian (58%) travelers.

But if you’re going to share your vacation photos, they better be perfect, and people are taking steps to insure that’s the case. It seems 51% of U.S. travelers say they use editing tricks to make their vacation photos look better.

And while people may be booking destinations based on how they’ll look on Instagram, those photos aren’t necessarily motivating others to travel to those locations. In fact, only 10% of Americans say they’ve booked a vacation based on someone else’s Instagram photos.

Source:Investors Hub

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