This Is Why You Feel Tired After A Nap

Naps are awesome, but do you find yourself tired after taking one rather than refreshed? According to experts, there are some pretty good reasons why that happens:

You nap for too long: Ideally a nap shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes because if you nap any longer you could drift off into deeper sleep, which will leave you feeling sluggish when you have to get up.

You nap at random times: Kids have a set nap time because it allows their brains to be on a schedule for rest. The same should go for adults. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of a fixed nap time every day …

You nap late in the day: You should always schedule your naps earlier in the day so they don’t impact your ability to sleep at night, making you more tired the next day.

You nap in your bed: You are making yourself way too comfortable if you take a snooze in your bed. Instead, choose a cozy chair or the couch for a power nap. (Buzz 60)

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