What Is Keeping Americans From Getting Healthy??

Every January 1st, a bunch of Americans will resolve to get healthy, yet a few months later that resolution is probably out the window. So, what is preventing everyone from adopting a healthier lifestyle? Well, apparently they mostly have themselves to blame. 

A new poll reveals the various barriers folks feel get in the way of their plan to stay healthy, with the temptation of healthy food topping the list (42%), followed by lack of motivation (40%) and no time to exercise (33%). Other things keeping folks from their goals include:

  • Eating treats around the holidays (30%)
  • Lack of time to eat/prepare healthy foods (27%)
  • “Treat yourself” mentality (22%)
  • Significant other brings home junk food (19%)
  • Co-workers bring unhealthy foods/treats to share at work (16%)
  • My family doesn’t want to eat healthy meals (16%)
  • Significant other cooks me unhealthy foods (15%)

Regardless of these barriers, about 81% of people say they’ve taken steps to get healthier, with making better food choices their biggest goal (61%), followed by exercising more frequently (57%) and maintaining a health weight (57%). Sadly though, only 46% of people feel that they’ve actually achieved the goals they set. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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