Bus Driver Caught On Camera "Having A Moment"



Albuquerque Public Schools is asking a bus company to bench one of its drivers after she was caught on video yelling at elementary school students.

She even called one of them a pretty graphic name.

In the video, the driver makes it clear she's had enough and doesn't want her job anymore. She may have gotten her wish.

It was an intense outburst by a bus driver while taking kids home from Navajo Elementary. 

"I don't care anymore. I don't care if I get fired, I'm not planning on coming back any way, you dumb f***," the driver said in the video. 

What the video doesn't show is what exactly set the driver off, but parents say her behavior is unacceptable no matter what. According to Navajo Elementary Principal Sarah Garcia, the bus and the driver are contracted through the Albert Sanchez Bus Company, one of nine bus companies that work with APS.

APS officials say once this was reported, they asked the bus company to pull the driver from all APS routes. The bus company wouldn't say what it's doing with the driver.

APS did issue an apology, saying even though the driver isn't a district employee, it's their responsibility to ensure the integrity of workers that come into contact with students. 


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