Most Parents Struggle With “Picture Perfect” Idea Of Parenting

Any mom or dad will tell you that being a parent is hard, and it’s rarely as easy as some TV and movies make it out to be. Well,  a new poll finds that too many parents these days feel they are confronted with a “picture perfect” ideal of parenting that they just can’t keep up with.

A new poll by WaterWipes finds that 55% of parents feel they are failing within the first year, with 60% of moms feeling like failures, compared to just 45% of dads.

And apparently social media isn’t helping. In fact, 42% of parents say they feel increasing pressure to be “perfect” because of what they see on social media, with 39% of parents feeling as though they can’t be honest about how much they are struggling. What's more, 45% are putting on a brave face instead of sharing their true reality.

  • But WaterWipes is hoping to change the discussion, with their new #ThisIsParenthood campaign, documenting the realities of parenting. The launch includes a 16-minute documentary. The campaign also features real-life stories from 86 parents across three continents, tracing the first year of a parent's journey.Check out the documentary to the right.

Source:Financial Content

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