Mom Creates Couples Card Game For Splitting Chores

Writer and mom of three,Eve Rodsky,was tired of feeling like she was the default person responsible for every household task so she did something about it. Between work and kids, she still felt like things weren’t fairly divided between her and her husband, but she did research and wrote a book, “Fair Play,” about rebalancing domestic chores and having couples share the workload and created a card game to help make it easier.

Rodksy says her research shows the number one thing men hate about home life was nagging and the number one thing women say they hate is the mental load, so “Fair Play” tries to eliminate that. It’s a way to divvy up domestic tasks so things don’t all fall on one partner.

The card game has four suits:

  • Home- Deals with dishes and groceries
  • Out- Covers transporting kids
  • Caregiving- Taking care of family, medical and dental appointments
  • Magic- This makes time for Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

Once you buy her book, you can download the cards for free and then you just shuffle them and play the hand you’re dealt. The idea is that “Fair Play” helps you prioritize what’s important to your family and who owns each responsibility, so everyone understands and does their part.

Source:Good Morning America

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