iPhone Users Are Frustrated By New Location Of The Email Trash Icon

If you’re a long time iPhone user and noticed you’re accidentally deleting a lot of emails lately, join the club.

With the release of Apple’s iOS 13, the tech giant made a big and, to many, annoying change. In the iPhone email app, the trash icon was moved to where they reply icon had been. The result has been many accidentally deleted emails and furious users.

Here’s why the change is a problem. When you do the same task over and over again your body creates a muscle memory. Basically, it’s an automatic movement over time. So, when you are used to hitting the reply icon in a certain location on the phone, muscle memory moves your finger to that spot. Now that the trash icon is there, it’s a problem.

Iconfactory designerGedeon Maheuxthinks the change was made so Apple could make the screen look sleeker instead of comfortable.

There’s a way to make sure you don’t delete emails by accident, Turn on the “ask before deleting” feature.

Apple hasn’t commented, but many users have and you can bet the tech company is listening.

Jenna Rosenstein✔@JennaRosenstein
WHY did @Apple think it was a good idea to put the trash icon in the mail app where the reply button was in the old iOS? I have been deleting all my important emails.
7:11 AM - Oct 1, 2019
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Stretch Armstrong✔@StretchArmy
Thank you @Apple for putting the trash icon exactly where the reply button used to be in iOS 13 Mail. Wow that’s silly.
10:26 AM - Oct 10, 2019
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Andrew Rogers@cascadian
My wife @rogers_karen would like a few words with whoever decided to put the Trash icon where the Reply icon used to be in the iOS 13 Mail app, please and thank you.
5:54 PM - Oct 14, 2019
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Source:NBC News

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