It's The Holiday Edition Of "I'm Lovin' It"

Hi. My name is Jackie. I am a recovering perfume junkie. I'm taking it one day, one Sephora sample at a time. I use to spray that stuff on like it was water!'s not. Sometimes it's a whole lot of chemicals that soak into your skin. I saw this natural perfume oil on a blog, and I'm an astrological sign junkie, AND it was on sale, so i bought it! It's now my absolute favorite perfume. Those people who say they hate perfume ...try this! It's so unique, it's so subtle but it also lasts all day. Sometimes I'll get a whiff and wonder what smells so good & then I remember that I'm wearing this perfume oil. It would make a perfect Hoilday gift too. They've got all the signs covered, so find out more here Want to win some? Then send your name & number to