Study: People Will Say Anything If It Leads To Sex

We all know that first impressions are important, especially in dating. But if you’ve ever felt like a new romantic interest wasn’t being totally honest with you just to boost their chances for bedroom action, new research suggests you were probably right. It turns out, the human brain is hard wired to exaggerate and lie to potential sex partners.

Anew studyfrom the University of Rochester and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel finds that people are willing to say pretty much anything if there’s a chance it’ll help them hop in the sack. Researchers analyzed more than 600 students while they were interacting with members of the opposite sex and found some fudged their answers about whether they enjoy cuddling or would date someone who worked out, while others were willing to straight-up lie and under-estimate their number of past sexual partners when talking to someone good-looking.

“People will do and say just about anything in order to make a connection with an attractive stranger,” explains study authorGurit Birnbaum.“When your sexual system is activated you are motivated to present yourself in the best light possible. That means you’ll tell a stranger things that make you look better than you really are.”

Source:New York Post