Most People Like To Hunt For The Perfect Gift

While some people may like to have a set plan when they head out for their holiday shopping, a new survey suggests a lot of people prefer to make shopping for holiday gifts a complete experience. 

The survey finds:

  • 48.5% of people actually prefer to discover their holiday gifts simply while browsing stores.
  • Only 25.9% use a list and shop with a purpose.
  • An additional 14.8% will simply ask people what they want, while 10.8% will just give cash or gift cards.

But just because some people prefer to browse, doesn’t mean they completely enjoy the holiday shopping experience.

  • 37.3% say crowded stores and long lines are what they like least about holiday shopping.
  • 31.1% say the worst part is trying to figure out what to get everyone. 

And when shopping folks should keep this in mind – bigger isn’t always better.

  • 49.3% of people say they’d prefer to receive lots of smaller gifts.
  • Only 28.3% want one big gift.
  • While 22.4% would prefer cash or gift cards so they could pick out their own gift.
  • ONE MORE THING!It seems that folks really like to find a bargain during the holiday shopping season. In fact, the poll finds that 29.3% of women and 14.3% of men said they prefer a great bargain to great sex.

Source:Gift Happy