Americans Don’t Treat Their Phones Very Well

While most people can’t live without their phones these days, it seems a lot of us don’t really treat our devices all that well. 

A new survey finds…

  • One in three Americans currently have a crack in their phone screen.
  • The fear of dropping phones and cracking screens is giving a lot of Americans “Phone-xiety.”
  • 52% of folks are “always” worried about the safety of their phone.
  • The average American almost drops their phone at least six times every week.
  • The average American drops their phone four times a week, while a third drop it more than that.

Now dropping a phone on the floor is bad, but apparently a lot of folks have dropped their phones in even worse places. The most unfortunate places people have dropped their phones include:

  • Sewer
  • Bar bathroom floor
  • Hospital bathroom
  • Port-o-Potty
  • Pot of rice
  • Bowl of soup
  • Dog’s water bowl
  • Dumpster
  • Beer cup
  • Trash can

Source:SWNS Digital