Most Americans Would Rather Get A Sentimental Gift Than An Expensive One

If you’re worried you can’t afford to get your loved ones a great gift this holiday season, you may not have to worry as much as you think. Apparently how expensive a gift is isn’t the most important thing for a lot of people. 

A new survey finds…

  • 62% of people would rather get a gift from the heart, or one that feels more personal, than one that’s expensive.
  • In fact, “heartfelt” and “personalized” gifts are more desired than almost any other type of gift.
  • Twice as many people say they would rather get a heartfelt gift than one that’s generic and worth $100.
  • Plus, 66% of folks say they would remember a heartfelt or personalized gift more than something store-bought and generic.
  • 55% of people say they keep personalized gifts much longer than regular store bought ones.
  • The average person would keep a personalized gift for at least a year or more, with 40% keeping them forever 

So, what type of personalized or heartfelt gifts would folks like to receive? Well, the top choices include:

  • Photo gifts
  • Handwritten note
  • Photobook
  • Custom mug/cup
  • Custom pillow or blanket

Source:SWNS Digital