These Are The Important Holiday Traditions Parents Want To Do As A Family

When it comes to the holidays, most people have cherished childhood memories and traditions passed down in their family, and a new poll reveals just how important it is for moms and dads to continue those traditions with their kids.

A new survey finds…

  • 90% of parents feel it’s important to share their past holiday traditions with their children, as well as create new ones with their family.
  • Half of parents say these things are “very important” to them.

Of course there are plenty of different holiday activities parents can enjoy with their kids. Among the most loved:

  • Wrapping presents (55%)
  • Helping their children wrap their presents (53%)
  • Shopping for presents (50%)
  • Getting a Christmas tree (48%)
  • Baking cookies (46%)
  • Hanging stockings (46%)
  • Watching Christmas movies (44%)
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (44%)
  • Eating cookies (44%)
  • Bringing cookies to neighbors (44%)

ONE MORE THING!When it comes to getting a Christmas tree, 36% of families will go to a traditional Christmas tree farm, with 23% getting theirs from a seasonal lot. Shockingly, 25% of parents give their children the final say on what tree to buy.

Source:SWNS Digital