What To Do If Your Disney+ Account Was Hacked

Disney+ has had an interesting launch.

First, the rush of 10 million people signing up and on for the first time and now, customers complaining they’ve been hacked and locked out of their accounts. Disney says there is no hack, but that people are using old and already compromised passwords. One investigation found thousands of user accounts for sale on the dark web. 

Whatever the story, you need to know what to do if your Disney+ account has been “compromised.”

  • Change your password. Never reuse an old one.
  • Use different passwords for all your accounts.
  • Use tools from Chrome, like Password Checkup.
  • Check into paid third-party tools.
  • User two-factor identification.
  • Call Disney customer service to get back into your account.

Security measures can be “annoying,” but would you rather be hacked??