Most Employees Admit To “Workshopping “Over The Holiday Season

It isn’t always easy finding time to do all your holiday shopping, but it seems a lot of folks have found a solution - shopping at work.

According to a new Robert Half poll...

  • 52% of employees admit they are “workshoppers,” meaning they shop online at work using their office devices.
  • Half of employees say they workshop between 30 and 60 minutes per week over the holidays
  • 20% will do it more than an hour each week.
  • 44% of workshoppers say it hinders their productivity at the office.

As for how office feels about it…

  • 77% of tech leaders say their firm is okay with workshopping.
  • 52% prefer employees not workshop at the office
  • The top concerns of execs include security risks (59%) and loss of productivity (34%)

As for who is doing the most shopping at work..

  • Workers in Miami, Los Angeles and Phoenix are most likely to workshop.
  • Those in San Diego, Phoenix and Austin are most likely to feel it hinders their productivity.
  • Men are more likely than women to workshop (58% vs. 48%).
  • Working parents are more likely to workshop than those without children (62% vs. 39%)

Source:Robert Half