Most Americans Will Need A Break From Family Over The Holidays

Plenty of people will be heading home next week to spend Thanksgiving with their families, and while we may all love our parents and siblings, a new survey finds there will come a point where we all simply need a break from them. 

The survey, conducted by Motel 6, finds:

  • 75% of people say they will at some point need a break from their families over the holidays.
  • It usually takes less than four hours (three hours and 54 minutes to be exact) for folks to need time away from the fam.
  • 20% of people say they’ve actually hidden in a family members house to get some time alone.
  • 37% have actually made up an excuse to be able to leave. 

While 95% of people believe it’s important to spend the holidays with family, the issue may be actually staying with them.

  • 40% of those who stay with family say it can be stressful.
  • 30% say holidays would be more enjoyable if the whole family didn’t stay under one roof.
  • 30% believe their family would get along better if folks had their own space.
  • With space often limited, on average two people will wind up sleeping on something that’s not a bed.

Some of the major issues caused by staying with family over the holidays include:

  • Lack of privacy (22%)
  • Getting on each other’s nerves (20%)
  • Drama between family members (20%)
  • Feeling like they’re imposing (19%)
  • The house being too busy or loud (18%) 

Source:SWNS Digital