THANKSGIVING: Your Plate and Your Personality

This will have you looking at everyone's plate on Thanksgiving ... According to Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral food scientist and founder of the website Food-ology, how you fill your plate with food says a lot about your personality. Here's what your plate is revealing about you:

If you place your food spaced equally and in the same quantities around your plate are a disciplined and goal oriented person. You know what you want and you go get it. You always follow through on obligations and projects.

If you put everything on your plate wherever it fits without any concern for overlapping or mixed sauces are a free-spirit. You love to experience new things and have no fear to try the unknown. You are down to earth and easy going.

If you only put one kind of food on your plate at a time are disciplined and methodical. You are always well-balanced, steady and reliable. You prefer a classic, no-frills style and your preference for simplicity gives you more time to enjoy life!

If you are a food combiner (you like to cut your roll in half and make a turkey sandwich or mix your mashed potatoes with gravy and cranberry before eating it) have a caretaker personality. People know they can always count on you and you love to be their rock. You like things to stay the same and always believe tried and true is best.

If you eat dessert and dinner off the same plate, at the same time are impulsive and always fun. You never say no to an opportunity that crosses your path, but sometimes your impulsiveness can make you miss out on other things because you weren’t able to hold out. (Cosmo)