Study: Men More Likely To Justify Cheating Than Women

We’re all aware of the gender gap in pay and work, but what about relationships? It turns out, there are a lot of differing opinions between men and women as to what counts as infidelity. According to a newBBC surveyfrom the U.K., men are more likely than women to actually believe there are situations when cheating on your partner is acceptable.

The broadcasting company asked more than 3,000 adults about their values and morals related to a range of issues including tolerance and the environment, as well as relationships. While 83% of those surveyed agree they feel a “significant” responsibility to be faithful to their partner, there seems to be a gender gap there too. A solid 80% of women agreed that it’s “never” acceptable to cheat on their significant other, but only 64% of men did.

The survey findings also show that not everyone practices what they preach when it comes to infidelity. At least three in five who say it’s never okay to be unfaithful have also cheated on their partner.

Source:Women's Health