HOLIDAYS: The Facts About Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is over, but this week you might be feeling the effects of all that extra eating. What’s worse, the holiday treats are now everywhere you turn. Don't worry ... most of what you believe about holiday weight gain is a myth.

According to experts, here’s the truth about holiday weight gain:

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s you’ll probably only gain about 2 pounds: Most people think you’ll put on a whole size, but according to a study out of Texas Tech University, the average adult male puts on about 2 pounds and the average adult female puts on about a pound and a half.

Bloating and weight gain are two different things: You probably feel heavier this week because all that extra eating and celebrating caused bloating and water retention. Go back to your usual eating habits and you’ll start to feel like yourself in no time. The problem is people think they’ve put on weight when they haven’t -- and just decide to let everything slide until the New Year!

Don’t assume that working out means you can eat as much as you want: While maintaining your workout routine during the holidays is important for good health, it is not a free pass to eat as much as you want without gaining a pound.

You can lose weight during the holidays: Everyone thinks it’s impossible ... but if you make up your mind to eat right and exercise, you can lose and still enjoy yourself! (Health)