New Spray-On “Skin” Covers Breakouts And Scars

Tired of using concealer to try to cover up blemishes? Soon you’ll be able to hide breakouts, moles, and other marks with a new spray-on “skin” product from Japanese cosmetics company Kao Corporation.

The artificial product, called “est,” is actually made of tiny, liquid fibers and when it’s sprayed on, it reportedly sticks to human skin, transforming into a super thin, skin-like material. This stuff is supposed to have elasticity similar to skin and its porous, like skin, so water vapor and air can pass through it to keep the actual skin underneath moist.

Est is first being released in Japan starting December 4th and will be available online in January, according to Japanese publicationThe Asahi Shimbun.But this kind of coverage is going to cost you. It will sell for roughly $532 for a diffuser and “potion” combination, with diffuser refills going for $73.

Source:New York Post