Study: Playing Outside Helps Kids Feel More Confident

Fromlowering blood pressuretoboosting immunity, there are lots of health-related reasons to spend time outside. And now anew studyfrom The Wildlife Trusts finds another benefit to getting outdoors: confidence.

For the study, researchers had 451 kids in the U.K. complete surveys before and after doing outside activities. The results show that after spending time outdoors:

  • 90% of kids say they learned something new about the natural world
  • 79% felt they learned something that could help their schoolwork
  • 81% reported better relationships with teachers and 79% reported better relationships with classmates
  • Four out of five kids say they felt more confident after playing outside
  • And 84% felt capable of doing new things afterwards.

"This research shows that children experience profound and diverse benefits through regular contact with nature,”says Nigel Doar,The Wildlife Trusts' director of strategy. “Contact with the wild improves children's wellbeing, motivation and confidence.”

Source:Mind Body Green