Retailers Are Now Selling $60 Straps For Wireless Earbuds

Society might just have lost their minds and their money by investing in wireless earbuds. While the primary draw of Apple AirPods is that their lightweight and wireless, retailers are hoping consumers will shell out $60 for an AirPod "carrying strap." 

It seems that AirPod owners are growing more and more anxious about losing one of their precious earbuds that they are now willing to spend another $60 for a carrying case which essentially turns their wireless earbuds into.... WIRED earbuds. 

Only wired earbuds cost about 80% less than the wireless ones. Retailers are looking to capitalize on the fear of losing a singular AirPod, which as a set retails for either $159 for the regular model or $250 for the recently released AirPod Pro.

Folks on social media had to chime in on this new gift idea.

This year’s hot gift. A $60 strap to go with your $150 wireless AirPods.
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6:43 AM - Dec 2, 2019
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Ellie Frost@_BlockBytch
AirPods: $250
AirPods “Carrying Strap”: $60
Feeling vastly superior to those Losers still wearing wires?...Priceless
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12:37 PM - Dec 2, 2019
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Source: Business Insider