These Are The Most Commonly Returned Holiday Gifts

ou may put a lot of time and effort into gift buying, but the sad fact is that many of those gifts get returned. A new survey out of the UK found that 1 in 9 people will return their holiday gifts for something better.

Maybe this will help as you are making out your lists. According to the survey, these are the most returned gifts:

Shoes: Shoes are kind of a personal choice – unless the receiver tells youexactlywhat he or she wants. It’s also tough to pick a size without the person trying them on.

Kitchen appliances: Yeah, no one wants a toaster under the tree.

Video games: Gamers prefer gift cards so they can get what they like and you don’t risk buying something they already have.

Candles: It all comes down to scent preference. What you think smells great might gross someone else out.

Gym clothes: These need to be tried on by the person wearing them. And people are pretty specific about the workout clothes that they like.

DVDs: Of course these get returned -- no one watches movies on DVD anymore.

Kids clothing: It’s usually because the size is wrong when it comes to clothes for little ones.

Glassware: You’re better off giving the booze instead of the glasses -- which most people already own.

Makeup: Again, this is a personal purchase. Give a gift card to a department store or makeup store instead. (House Beautiful)