High School "Baby" Project Freaks Students Out

Learning about life by taking care of a baby was both brutal on some Ontario students and hysterically funny for their teacher.Andrea Lefebvresent her Chippewa Secondary School, Ontario class home with pre-programmed baby dolls for their Raising Healthy Children class. The Real Care babies were set to “demand” what they needed at all different times.

It didn’t take long for texts from Lefebvre’s students to start coming fast and furious. Not only did her class learn that babies are in no way easy, but she learned how awesomely funny it was to watch.

Here are some of the amusing texts Lefebvre got from the “new parents.”

  • "Do I wait for it to make noise to touch the baby, or should I be constantly holding it?"
  • “Can I put the child in my bag?”
  • "I really need a quiet time because he won't stop [whimpering],"
  • "So Lucy and I might of fallen down the stairs. oopsies." The student later texted "So good and bad news [Lucy] definitely isn't dead.”
  • “hello miss lefebvre can you please shut off the child”

Commenters on “Upworthy,” where the teacher posted, got lots of reaction. Some joked and some sympathized with the class. One woman made a wish we bet most students would call a curse… "This was great to read! Perhaps ALL teens should have to try this out! What a great eye opener."