Study Adds Up How Much TV We Watch... And It's A Lot

Television is solidly embedded in our lives, no matter what technology comes along. That’s the finding of a new poll by LG Electronics. The survey dug into how many hours we watch, what we watch, and even when we replace an old TV.

Here are the interesting results:

  • Over our lifetime, we’ll have watch 78,705 hours of television
  • We watch it for 3.5 hours daily
  • There’s plenty of variety, as we’ll have watched 11,278 different programs
  • The average household fights over the TV twice a week
  • We have at least two sets in each home
  • As for movies, we’ll view 3.639
  • TV episodes will rack up to 31,507 in our lifetime
  • We replace our TV about once every six years
  • What to watch is the biggest problem. The average adult will spend 2,943 hours of their life just deciding what to watch

Source:Study Finds