Guests Are Stealing Mattresses & More From Five-Star Hotels

While it’s common, and likely expected, for hotel guests to take things like shampoo and lotion when they check out at the end of their stay, it seems these days some guests are getting a bit more brazen in what they are pilfering from hotels. 

According to a new report, these days some guestsare actually stealing mattressesfrom five-star hotels, as well as televisions, showerheads, artwork and coffee makers. Research shows that five-star hotels are eight times more likely to have a mattress stolen than four-star hotels, likely because such high class properties are offering guests beds with options like memory foam or temperature controls. 

Now while shampoo bottles or even robes are easy to sneak out in your luggage, the same can’t be said for mattresses, with researchers speculating that most thieving guests sneak them out in the middle of the night, through elevators that go directly to underground garages.

  • And mattresses aren’t the only outrageous things being taken. An Austrian spa says a pine bench was once taken from a private sauna, and an Italian hotel had a grand piano stolen from their lobby. In addition, a showerhead, toilet seat and entire sink, went missing from a Berlin hotel.

The studyalso found:

  • Americans and the Dutch were most likely to steal pillows, batteries, toilet paper and lightbulbs.
  • Germans and Brits tend to steal towels, bathrobes, cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Italians are most likely to steal wine glasses, Swiss hair dryers, and Austrians coffeemakers.
  • The French like to take flat-screen TVs and remote controls.

Source:UK Times

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