Here’s Where the Cold and Flu Germs are Hiding in Your Office

ending kids off to school during cold and flu season is like sneezing in someone’s face -- the germs are everywhere and they are coming into your house! Thing is, the office isn’t much better. Your co-workers just cover their mouths and use tissues more often ... or at least that's what you hope.

According to experts, if you want to avoid office germs, you need to be aware of where all those viruses and bacteria are hiding. These are the most contaminated places at work:

  1. Toilet seats in the women’s bathroom
  2. The sink faucet handle in the break room
  3. Computer keyboards
  4. Office coffee pots
  5. Doorknobs and light switches
  6. Your smartphone

Be sure and wash your hands often -- and clean off your keyboard and phone. (Daily Motion)