Study: Short Women And Tall Men Are Happiest Couples

You know those couples with a really tall guy and a short woman? We’ve all seen them, like Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa or Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.Well, it turns out, those lovebirds may be onto something because researchsuggests short woman/tall man couples actually make the happiest couples.

Researcher Kitae Sohnled the study and points out that while many women prefer dating tall men for “evolutionary reasons,” there hadn’t been a study on whether a taller husband makes his wife happier, so he did one. The study finds that a greater height difference in a couple is positively linked to the wife’s happiness. So taller hubby, happy wife.

But apparently, the height happiness factor does wear off after a while. The research finds that it gradually weakens over time, but we’re talking 18 years of marriage, so they can ride that tall guy wave of happiness for a LONG time.